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I sure do! It's incredibly important for wedding vendors to have General Liability Insurance at the very least. I always provide a copy of my insurance certificate to the venues I work with.


Do you have insurance?

I normally photograph weddings all over New England and a bit into the Tri-state Area! However, I'm happy to travel for any wedding; an additional fee may be added if an overnight stay is required. 


Do you travel for weddings or are you willing to travel?

This depends on the wedding! Will adding a second shooter to your collection provide an additional vantage point? Absolutely. Is it necessary for all weddings? No! Again, each wedding is unique.


Do you recommend a second shooter?

A crucial part of being a photographer is understanding light, how it changes, and ways to obtain the results you visualize in all lighting conditions. I love all types of light and am comfortable in all lighting conditions!


Are you comfortable shooting in various lighting situations?

Absolutely not! The couple dictates what their wedding day should look and feel like. If they want a First Look, great! If not, great! It doesn't impact my job.


Do you require a First Look at weddings you photograph?

As of August 2023, I've been photographing weddings professionally for 10 years! I can't believe it's been a decade already. 


How long have you been photographing weddings?

do you have a question?

here are some frequently asked ones


What if a couple feels awkward in front of the camera?

I'm a Nikon gal! I have two Nikon Z6ii cameras and many, many, lenses. I mostly use prime lenses (fixed focal length) and this dictates my style. I have two on-camera flashes as well as a full studio lighting setup.


What equipment do you use?

The only shot list I require is for formal photos such as with family, groups of friends, etc. There are so many people and details that couples want captured on their wedding day, so I always ask what's most important. 


Do your couples give you a shot list?

These couples are my bread and butter! Instead of posing couples, I give couples prompts. This allows for genuine laughter and movement. Awkward laughter never translates as such in photos!