You can call me, Vic! I'm a New England based wedding and portrait photographer. I've been shooting for over a decade and truly love what I do!

oh hi, I'm victoria

I love lots of light, vibrant colors, and lots of laughter.

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No matter how a wedding day is structured, the couple will spend a decent amount of time with their photographer. With this in mind, it's crucial that your photographer is someone you are comfortable around and trust to capture the important moments of the day. It's equally as important to understand how your photographer sees the world and how they approach their work. Choosing a photographer is more than selecting a service; it's entrusting someone to document the day with authenticity and thoughtfulness.

I am a stereotypical photographer in so many ways. I've always been the person taking pictures at every gathering, noticing the little things about people around me and documenting them. In my daily life, I always try to seek out beauty by doing activities such as watching the sunset or photographing the moon. Photography, for me, isn't a skill; it's a way of life, a lens through which I see and interpret the world.

The way I view beauty in life trickles into how I approach photography. Whether it's an engagement session or a wedding, my commitment is unwavering: to show the couple the beauty I see through their wedding photos–their first kiss, the details they hope people notice, or the moments they may not remember. Witnessing quiet, in-between moments is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day and it's absolutely what fuels my love of photography. In the context of a wedding, that looks like a grandmother's tender grasp, a groom's helping hand, or a bride's gaze at her new life partner. 

The best part of my job is documenting the connection and love shared between two people.

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my photography journey


I started practicing photography when I was 10 years old at summer camp using my father's Nikon F film camera. I loved capturing candid photographs of my loved ones, developing negatives, and printing in the darkroom. Regardless of the setting, professional or personal, you can always find me with a camera (or iPhone) in my hand, snapping away! 

My father handed me his Nikon F film camera when I was 10, the rest is history.


Once I started photographing portraits, engagements, and weddings, I realized my true passion is to capture love and provide my clients with everlasting memories. I’m extremely passionate about my work, and the most important aspect of my job is to tell your love story through timeless images. My photojournalistic style and playful direction lead to natural, purposeful photographs, all while keeping your wedding-day-vision in mind!


My professional photography journey started in New York, ringside at sporting events and fashion shows. 

03. Put on music (when appropriate, of course)
04. Tear up at every single wedding at least once

01. Make, and laugh at, "Dad Jokes" 
02. Be the best hype-woman

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